About the Film

Plot Summary

“Breaking the Silence” is a documentary film dedicated to everyone around the world who suffers quietly in the shadows--alone, worn out, and without hope.  At its heart, this film is an intense journey deep into the mind, how it can break, and how it can heal.  

In addition to truly eye-opening discussions with psychiatric professionals and researchers of many unique perspectives, "Breaking the Silence" tells a brutally honest personal story of release and catharsis.  It is a story which very well may, no matter who you are or where you are in life, have the potential to open your own mind as well.   

Production Crew


Dara Sanandaji


Freddie Bell

Lead Camera

Phil Cagen

Directors of Cinematography

Freddie Bell and Dara Sanandaji

Additional Camera

Dave Miller

Roy Wanguhu

Michael Van Metre

Doug Birnbaum

Jeff Cole

Post-Production Team

Music Supervisor/Composer

Freddie Bell


Dara Sanandaji

Graphics and Animation

Big Teeth Productions 

Supervising Sound Editor

Caudio Cueni


Tom Rovak, Rovak Colorist Services


Kelly Walker

Interview Subjects

Adam Forste 

Kasra Sanandaji

Martha Sanandaji

Darius Sanandaji

Jong Yoon

Josh Kellman

Sarina Sanandaji

Robert Drake

Kay Jamison

Mauricio Tohen

Thomas Insel

Ronald Kessler

Tanya Luhrmann

Terrence Ketter

Morris Goldman

Freddie Bell

Kaveh Adel

Burak Sarac

Kathy Kvasnicka

Lad Kvasnicka